Anxiety: How To Stop Worrying

Worrying or having fears is just part of life. No matter how much you try to avoid these things, there will always come a time when you feel uneasy. Do not worry because this is only normal. However, excessive worrying can be dangerous on your part. This is the primary reason why it is best to set an appointment with a psychiatrist so that you can determine whether or not you have an anxiety disorder. Be sure to remember the signs and symptoms of effective treatment.


According to clinical psychologist Danielle Forshee, Psy.D, “those who worry — meaning everybody — can control the intensity and duration of their worry thoughts.”  In this article, we are going to share or enumerate some of the effective methods that you can do to motivate yourself to stop worrying. However, we would like to highlight the fact that the tips mentioned above may or may not work. It depends on the person involved. At the same time, it is still best to seek professional help that can provide better alternatives to handling anxiety.


Focus On The Positive Side

Stop entertaining the doubts and fears that you feel. Take note that you can turn your world around. Instead of focusing on the negative side, it is time to entertain a brand new perspective. Focus on the good, because it will help you a lot in feeling better about life and everything in between. Learn how to practice gratitude so that it would be easier to attract positivity.

Forgive Yourself

Did you have a negative or bad experience in the past that is preventing you from moving forward? Did something happen that made you feel awful? Do not forget to forgive yourself. It is entirely okay if you have shortcomings or failures. Remember that these things are just part of life. Never allow them to bring you down. “The strength of forgiveness has been shown to have a powerful buffering effect on stress. Those who are highly forgiving of themselves and others have a far less chance of having a mental illness.” Ryan M. Niemiec Psy.D. used to say.




Try Meditation

Have you ever wondered why some persons continue to remain calm even if their surroundings are chaotic? These are the individuals who are in touch with their inner selves. They know how to control their thoughts, which is why you can see them smiling and happy. To be like them, the best thing to do is to try meditation. All you need is at least five to thirty minutes a day to meditate.


Open Up About It

Make an effort to open up to the people who are close to your heart. Keep them in the loop by sharing about your worries, fears, and doubts. Remember that these are the ones who will accept you for who you are. Do not withhold any information from them so that they can provide help and support. Keep in mind that the more you become secretive, the more challenging it is for you to get over anxiety. “By building a list of people that you trust, with whom you can talk to in times of need, you allow yourself a strong sense of not being alone.” David Klow, a licensed therapist explains.



The reality is that there s no fast and easy way to stop worrying. However, you have what it takes to be “in the present.” Try to remain calm in different situations. Once you become a master of this trick, you will be surprised by how it can change your life for the better. Check BetterHelp for more information.