What’s The Connection Between Depression And Psychiatry?

Depression is probably one of the mental conditions that are not understood by many individuals. Unfortunately, there are still people who believe that this mental illness is not a significant issue at all. In fact, some individuals are not even ready to deal with it in the right manner. There are those who merely shrug it off as if it does not affect them at all.

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This has to stop. We want to make you understand what depression truly is and how it can affect the lives of several people all over the world. In this article, we are going to talk about depression and how it can be treated through psychiatry.


Understanding Depression

One of the most famous or common forms of mental illnesses is depression.  “Depression symptoms are particularly troubling if someone displays more than one, or if they persist for more than two weeks.” Simon Rego, PsyD, associate professor of clinical psychiatry explains. This condition is characterized by feelings of inadequacy, lack of interest, guilt, and despair. The medical term for this condition is “major depressive disorder.” A person who is depressed usually has an erratic mood, lack of energy, constant feeling of exhaustion and utter sadness.


However, it is important to emphasize that just because a person is sad does not mean that he is already depressed. Consequently, if a person looks okay on the outside does not indicate that he is not depressed. For this reason, a particular person needs to go to a psychiatrist once he experiences the symptoms of clinical depression. He must see a family doctor as soon as possible so that the latter can give him the medical findings for his condition.

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 Dealing With Depression

“A stressful change in life patterns can trigger a depressive episode. Such stressful events may include a serious loss, a difficult relationship, trauma, or financial problems.”  Ben Martin, Psy.D. said. The truth is that depression is difficult to deal with. There are no words or actions that can make the situation better except seeing a psychiatrist, therapist or counselor. First of all, take note that the three professionals are different from one another. The psychiatrist is a medical doctor who looks at the medical aspect of the condition. He is the one who can prescribe specific medications to heal the major depressive disorder of a particular person. On the other hand, the therapist and counselor are those who focus on the mind or behavioral aspect of the patient involved.

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Consulting With A Psychiatrist

“The best person to evaluate which medication for depression is most appropriate for you is a Psychiatrist.” Dr. Chantal Gagnon PhD LMHC  said. A person who has the signs and symptoms of depression must immediately see a psychiatrist. It is necessary so that the professional doctor could assess the condition. Just like all mental health conditions, it is important to get the diagnosis and treatment plan while it is still early. One must act fast when it comes to dealing with depression. The longer a person waits for these things, the more complicated his situation will become.


If you know a person who is going through depression, the first thing you have to do is to be there for that individual. Be sure to remind him that you are more than willing to stay by his side no matter what it takes. Furthermore, do not forget to inform him of the importance of consulting with a psychiatrist regarding his mental condition. Help him find the best medical doctor in your area.