Breaking Free From Anxiety Without Therapy




Between family issues, bills, work deadlines, and trying to stay fit, the daily tensions of life can make you become anxious and overwhelmed. Perhaps you were a worrier when you were a child because anxious parents brought you up, or maybe you became anxious after your teenage years. No matter when your anxiety symptoms started, it is possible that you are currently on overdrive, and you are constantly waiting for your bubble to burst.

Do not be surprised to know that you are not alone. The Anxiety And Depression Association of America states that anxiety disorders are the most prevalent mental health disorders in America, affecting over 40 million individuals. And just like a lot of people who are looking for alleviation, you turn to medications or perhaps consulted a therapist for help. It is a proven fact that antianxiety medications can reduce your anxiety. Still, the relaxing and peaceful feeling does come with a price by way of side effects in terms of medications and added cost if you have therapy sessions.

Here’s the good news: medications and visiting a therapist are not the only means to getting over your worries and effectively managing your anxiety. Below are some of the most recommended ways to break free from your anxiety naturally.

Be Physically Active.

Physical activity is perhaps the last thing you would like to try doing when you are on overdrive. You could be worried about delayed muscle soreness and being incapable of sitting or walking for the next couple of days. Or you’re scared that your condition might worsen if you overexert yourself and experience a heart attack. In truth, though, exercise is among the most recommended natural antianxiety remedies.


Exercise increases serotonin and endorphin levels to make you feel emotionally better. Subsequently, when you feel internally better, your whole viewpoint improves as well. Try to start your exercise regimen for at least 30 minutes three times a week. You don’t have to struggle with a high-intensity workout initially and obviously feel muscle pains after. Any form of movement is great, so put on your most comfortable workout clothes, move around, clean the house, walk within the neighborhood, or get a mat and try some yoga poses.

Shout To The Top Of Your Lungs.

Talking to someone that you trust is another way of coping with anxiety. However, there is an even better thing to do besides talking – screaming to the top of your lungs. When you were a child, your parents probably reprimanded you when you screamed or talked in loud voices. But when you become an adult, you can make excuses or set your own rules! So this is your chance to shout all your worries, fears, and anxieties out.

When you’ve been anxious for a long time, you will know that the more you contest your anxiety, the more draining it will be on you. Instead, acknowledge anxiety as a facet of your daily life, embrace it, and then release it by screaming them out.

If your anxiety causes you to become nauseous, the thought of consuming food is as tempting as consuming mud. However, missing a meal can actually worsen your anxiety. Your blood sugar levels plunge when you do not eat, leading to the surge of the stress hormone cortisol.

The statement that you are required to eat does not validate eating just anything, so it’s not an excuse to consume too much junk food and sugar-loaded foods. It’s not the sugar that causes the anxiety, but the sugar rush can trigger physical indications of anxiety, like trembling and nervousness. Consume more fruits, healthy fats, vegetables, and lean proteins. Consume five small meals spread throughout the day and limit your sugar consumption of refined carbs and sugar.

Live In The Present.

Apart from the words written in this article, what are you contemplating at the moment? Are you anxious about a deadline you need to meet next week? Are you pressured about not being able to meet your financial objectives? Or perhaps you are fixated on whether or not you are a good parent even though you don’t actually have children?


If your answers are all ‘yes, then you have just unraveled part of the dilemma. Like several others who are suffering from anxiety, you have difficulty living in the present. Rather than fretting about what’s in it for today, you’re already anticipating tomorrow’s worries. And regardless of the degree of your anxiety, you might even be worrying about yesterday’s missteps.

Remember that you have no control over your future, and nobody can lend you a time machine so that you can modify the past, so live every day as it arrives. You can think about the future for proactivity’s sake, but don’t concentrate too much on what will be, more so what has been.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, anxiety is a monster, but it’s possible to triumph over your battle with medications. Often, getting rid of it is merely a matter of changing your thoughts, attitude, and lifestyle. These natural therapies might even help you make adjustments to your medication routine. Give these tips a try and realize that anxiety has no control over you.